George Alexander "Alex" Trebek (born July 22, 1940) is a Canadian game show host whose resume included several in his native Canada (including 1981-82 fan favorite Pitfall) plus The Wizard of Odds (1973-74), High Rollers (1974-76/1978-80), Double Dare (1976-77), The $128,000 Question (1977-78), Battlestars (1981-83), Classic Concentration (1987-91), and To Tell the Truth (1991) in the United States. He is also the only host to host 3 game shows at once: Jeopardy!, Classic Concentration, and To Tell the Truth (all in 1990-91).


Before becoming a game show host, he worked as a broadcaster at CBC.

Trebek has hosted Jeopardy! since its 1984 return and has won Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host in 1989, 1990, 2003, 2006, and 2008.

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