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The matchups as are as follows:
The matchups as are as follows:
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|Tom Cubbage
|Leszek Pawlowicz
|Brad Rutter
|Chuck Forrest
|Ken Jennings
|Ken Jennings
|Chuck Forrest
|Russ Schumacher
|Russ Schumacher
|Colby Burnett
|Brad Rutter
|Leszek Pawlowicz
|Tom Cubbage
|Roger Craig
|Roger Craig
|Colby Burnett
|Pam Mueller
|Pam Mueller
Eliminated players will receive $25,000.
Eliminated players received $25,000.

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The Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades is a 5-week tournament airing throughout the 30th season to celebrate 30 years of the syndicated version. 15 contestants face off from each decade of Jeopardy! to advance to the quarterfinals. The 5 winners from each decade face off in the quarterfinals. From there the regular tournament format developed by Alex Trebek is used for the 15 quarterfinalists.

Fan Favorite Round

The first part of the tournament began on September 30, 2014. 14 people who were pre-selected to appear in each decade (1980s, 1990s, and 2000s) were announced. 5 people competed for the 15th spot in each decade over the course of 3 weeks. Voting took place on the Jeopardy! website, Facebook, and Twitter. The 5 nominees for the 1980s were:

  • Andrew Westney (winner)
  • Diane Siegel (2nd place, thereby becoming the alternate)
  • Eugene Finerman
  • Michael Rankins
  • Leah Greenwald

The second week of voting took place the following week, with the nominees being kept secret until the voting began. They were:

  • Shane Whitlock (winner)
  • Brian Weikle (2nd place & alternate)
  • Michael Daunt
  • Catherine Ramen
  • Melizza Zygmunt

The final week of voting for the 2000s took place the next week. The nominees were:

  • Tom Nissley (winner)
  • Erin McLean (alternate & 2nd place)
  • Ryan Chaffee
  • Kara Spak
  • Joey Beachum

The results were announced on December 3rd, 2013. Andrew Westney, Shane Whitlock, and Tom Nissley claimed the 15th and final spot for each respective decade.

The other 14 contestants for the 1980s were:

  • India Cooper
  • Chuck Forrest
  • Jim Scott
  • Leslie Frates
  • Leszek Pawlowicz
  • Richard Cordray
  • Tom Nosek
  • Leslie Shannon
  • Phoebe Juel
  • Mark Lowenthal
  • Frank Spangenberg
  • Tom Cubbage
  • Jerome Vered
  • Bob Verini

The 1985 ToC winner, Jerry Frankel had previously passed away which resulted in him not being invited. Bob Blake, who was the 1990 ToC winner, was invited but declined due to a scheduling conflict.

The 1990s contestants were:

  • Rachael Schwartz
  • Babu Srinivasan
  • Eddie Timanus
  • Dan Melia
  • Pam Mueller
  • Fritz (Ryan) Holznagel
  • Robin Carroll
  • Bob Harris
  • Dave Abbott
  • Claudia Perry
  • Mark Dawson
  • Brad Rutter
  • Jill Bunzendahl-Chimka
  • Mike Dupee

The 2000s contestants were:

  • Colby Burnett
  • Celeste DiNucci
  • Vijay Balse
  • Stephanie Jass
  • Roger Craig
  • Larissa Kelly
  • Russ Schumacher
  • Tom Kavanaugh
  • Vinita Kailasanath
  • Keith Whitener
  • Michael Falk
  • Dan Pawson
  • Maria Wenglinsky
  • Ken Jennings

Due to David Madden's business relationship with the compliance company Jeopardy! hires to oversee fairness of the rules, he declined to participate in the 2000s Week.

1980s Week

The 1980s week taped in December and aired February 3-7 2014. The matchups by order of ranking at the end of the game were:

Chuck Forrest Jim Scott India Cooper
Leszek Pawlowicz Andrew Westney Leslie Frates
Tom Nosek Richard Cordray Leslie Shannon
Mark Lowenthal Frank Spangenberg Phoebe Juel
Tom Cubbage Jerome Vered Bob Verini

The 5 winners advanced to the quarterfinals. Losing players received $5000 except Richard Cordray who due to his federal appointment turned down the money.

1990s Week

The 1990s week taped in January and aired March 3-7 2014. The matchups by rank at the end of the game were as follows:

Rachael Schwartz Eddie Timanus Babu Srinivasan
Pam Mueller Fritz Holznagel Dan Melia
Robin Carroll Shane Whitlock Bob Harris
Mark Dawson Claudia Perry Dave Abbott
Brad Rutter Mike Dupee

Jill Bunzendahl-Chimka

2000s Week

The day after 1990s Week taped, 2000s week taped. These games aired March 31-April 4 of 2014. The matchups are as follows:

Colby Burnett Celeste DiNucci Tom Nissley
Roger Craig Vijay Balse Stephanie Jass
Russ Schumacher Larissa Kelly Tom Kavanaugh
Ken Jennings Michael Falk Vinita Kailasanath
Dan Pawson Maria Wenglinsky Keith Whitener

Final rounds


The quarterfinals taped in April 2014 and aired May 5-9. The matchups for the quarterfinals were announced 15 days after taping as part of a press release by Jeopardy! on their Tumblr blog. They are by rank:

Roger Craig Leszek Pawlowicz Robin Carroll
Russ Schumacher Pam Mueller Tom Nosek
Brad Rutter Dan Pawson Mark Lowenthal
Ken Jennings Tom Cubbage Rachael Schwartz
Chuck Forrest Colby Burnett Mark Dawson

Each quarterfinal game has one winner from each of the preliminary rounds. The eliminated quarterfinalists received $10,000. Craig, Schumacher, Rutter, Jennings and Forrest advanced as automatic semifinalists, while Cubbage, Pawlowicz, Mueller, and Burnett advanced as wildcards.


The matchups as are as follows:

Ken Jennings Chuck Forrest Russ Schumacher
Brad Rutter Leszek Pawlowicz Tom Cubbage
Roger Craig Colby Burnett Pam Mueller

Eliminated players received $25,000.

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