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The Daily Double has been used in many episodes of the show. Whenever a contestant uncovers one, they can choose to risk whatever they have in their bank up to their current winnings. The minimum wager is $5; however, if they have less than the top value on the board, they can only wager up to said amount. The Daily Double Logo changes each year to match the current season logo. Some Daily Doubles had the contestant to watch a video clip or see a picture better known as a Video Daily Double. There are other times where the contestant has to listen to an audio clip which could be the name of a song, someone speaking or singing better known as an Audio Daily Double.

1964-1975 and 1978-1979[]

1980s Pilots[]


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  • The first-ever daily double clue was an audio clue and the first regular daily double clue was introduced in the 2nd round of play on the 1st episode of the show. Sadly, the 2nd Daily Double clue wasn't found because the round was coming to an end.
  • On some seasons like season 11-13, the daily double logo hadn't changed. And in other seasons, they had alternate backgrounds like in season 3, season 4, season 6, season 7, season 8, and season 9 for example.
  • The current Daily Double sound effect got introduced 2 months into the 1st season (it had previously been used on Pilot #2). The camera zooms in to where the Daily Double was found for the 1st 2 seasons.
  • Since the 3rd season, the Daily Double Logo flips around vertically as it zooms in to take its place on the TV screen. From season 3 up to the middle of season 8, the clue text zooms in to take its place hiding the Daily Double Logo completely.
  • For the 8th season only, the clue text didn't disappear after the clue was readout.
  • If the Daily Double clue was an audio clue, the clue text appears in front of the player who selected it. Since the middle of the 8th season, the Daily Double logo appears to the left of the player who selected it.
  • From season 9 thru season 13, different transitional effects occurred like the Daily Double logo sliding to the left to reveal the clue or the Daily Double logo fading in. For season 14 and for a little bit of season 15, the clue background was in red instead of the usual blue.


  • There are some Audio Daily Double Logos and Video Daily Double Logos missing which makes the galleries incomplete.