Jeopardy! Seniors Tournament

The Jeopardy! Seniors Tournament was a 2 week event that featured contestants who were over 50 years of age, which was held each season on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! from 1987-1995, before being cancelled in 1996. It was formatted identically to the Tournament of Champions, the Teen Tournament, and the College Championship with winners receiving a guaranteed minimum of $25,000, as well as qualifying for the next Tournament of Champions.

Five of the ten Seniors Tournament winners (Peggy Kennedy, Ouida Rellstab, Lou Pryor, Leonard Schmidt, and Marilyn Kneeland) advanced to their Tournament of Champions' semifinals (albeit all as wild cards), with both Pryor & Kneeland winning to advance to the finals, though both lost their 2 day final. Rellstab and 1987 winner Zeke Sevilla, Jr. were also invited to 1990's Super Jeopardy! tournament, both losing in their quarterfinal appearance.

The 1991 tournament notably saw the first ever Jeopardy! tournament game with a triple zero finish in Final Jeopardy! during the quarterfinals, necessitating a fifth wild card for that year's semifinals.

At least two finalists of the Tournament of Champions from the original Art Fleming-hosted version of Jeopardy! qualified for the modern show's Seniors Tournament, with 1965 winner Babs McClellan making the 1991 semifinals, and 1969 finalist Elliot Shteir making the July 1995 finals.

Season # Airdate Finale Winner
3 May 4, 1987 May 15, 1987 Zeke Sevilla, Jr.
4 May 9, 1988 May 20, 1988 Peggy Kennedy
5 July 10, 1989 July 21, 1989 Ouida Rellstab
6 July 9, 1990 July 20, 1990 George Soule
7 July 8, 1991 July 19, 1991 Lou Pryor
8 July 6, 1992 July 17, 1992 Leonard Schmidt
9 July 12, 1993 July 23, 1993 Marilyn Kneeland
10 July 11, 1994 July 22, 1994 Bart Thomas
11 July 10, 1995 July 21, 1995 Aaron Klein
12 December 18, 1995 December 29, 1995 David Cuneo
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