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Season 11 (1994-1995)[]

Season changes[]

  • Starting with this season, and during early episodes of Season 13, the Jeopardy! logo wraps around the globe, and the Jeopardy! logo gave a yellow and orange gradient on a blue globe. The globe explodes, and the Jeopardy! logo zooms forward reveals the 1991-1996 set.
  • This is the last season where the closed captioning bug appeared in the opening credits.
  • This is the first full season to be produced by Columbia TriStar Television.
  • As the 10th anniversary had passed, Johnny's opening catchphrase changed back to "This is Jeopardy!".
  • This is the last full season with the sound of the studio audience chattering before the show starts.
  • Also at the beginning of this season, the show moved to Sony Pictures Studios Stage 10, which later became The Alex Trebek Stage in Season 38.
  • On early episodes of this season, the new Jeopardy! globe logo changed its color to a bright blue sky background, and the Daily Double graphic was changed to a bright red sky background, and it does not have a shadow outline.
  • Also, on contestant plugs for the Teen Tournament, and the College Championship, the full bright blue sky background is used.
  • During the College Championship, the winner takes home a Volvo car. Volvo would remain the sponsor until Season 20.
  • On later episodes of this season, a shadow outline is added to the globe logo, and the blue sky background became darker. Also, on later episodes of this season, a shadow outline was added to the Daily Double graphic, and the red sky background became darker. The wardrobe provider credit reads: "Alex Trebek's Wardrobe Furnished by Perry Ellis", and the Greif Companies byline was removed.
  • During this season, the first Columbia TriStar Television logo consisted of a blue background, with the Columbia Pictures torch lady, and the TriStar Pictures Pegasus, and the text reading "Columbia TriStar Television" in yellow, with the text reading the Sony byline, also in yellow, and the music is a bombastic horn fanfare.
  • On early episodes of this season, Johnny said: "This is Johnny Gilbert speaking. Jeopardy! is a production of Columbia TriStar Television. Distributed by KingWorld."
  • Starting this season, Columbia TriStar Television produces Jeopardy!, and its sister show, Wheel of Fortune.
  • The music of the KingWorld logo sounds truncated from this time until 1996.
  • On later episodes of this season, the closing credits had "Created by Merv Griffin" appear after the closing credit scroll.
  • Also on later episodes of this season, Johnny said: "This is Johnny Gilbert speaking. Jeopardy! was created by Merv Griffin. Produced by Columbia TriStar Television. Distributed by KingWorld."

September 1994[]

  • Season 11 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 5, 1994.
  • On the September 7, 1994 episode, Steve Chernicoff retires undefeated with $83,902.

October 1994[]

  • On the October 28, 1994 episode, Bill Pitassy retires undefeated with $72,702.

November 1994[]

  • Celebrity Jeopardy! is held from November 7-11, 1994.
    • General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Stefanie Powers and Tony Randall compete on Monday.
    • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Alexandra Paul and Larry King compete on Tuesday.
    • Jason Alexander, Marilu Henner and Lou Diamond Phillips compete on Wednesday.
    • Kathy Mattea, Doug Savant and Michael Sabatino compete on Thursday.
    • David Hyde Pierce, Markie Post and Tim Matheson compete on Friday.
  • The Tournament of Champions airs November 14-25, 1994.
    • This is the first Tournament of Champions in which there was no 5-day champion as a finalist.
    • Rachael Schwartz, an attorney from Bedminster, New Jersey, became the first woman to win the Tournament of Champions.
  • On the November 30, 1994 episode, Ryan Holznagel retires with $49,413 despite losing his fifth game.

December 1994[]

January 1995[]

  • On the January 5, 1995 episode, John McKeon retires with $44,901 despite losing his fifth game.

February 1995[]

  • The Teen Tournament airs from February 6-17, 1995.

March 1995[]

  • On the March 20, 1995 episode, Jonathan Groff retires undefeated with $60,500.
  • On the March 31, 1995 episode, Bruce Borchardt retires undefeated with $54,099.

April 1995[]

May 1995[]

  • The College Championship airs from May 1-12, 1995.

June 1995[]

  • On the June 19, 1995 episode, Jim Vercolen retires with $40,200 despite losing his fifth game.

July 1995[]

  • On the July 4, 1995 episode, Isaac Segal made his Jeopardy! debut, the same day Bob Ross died of lymphoma.
  • The Seniors Tournament airs from July 10-21, 1995.
  • Season 11 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 21, 1995.
  • Summer reruns air from July 24-September 1, 1995. Reruns later air on weekends from 1995-1996.