Season 21 (2004-2005)Edit

  • Season 21 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 6, 2004.
  • The opening credits have changed to the golden Jeopardy! logo, which is superimposed over a colorful background in many different shades of blue, with cyan Bezier curves in the background.
  • The "DAILY DOUBLE" name and the "DOUBLE" and "FINAL" in Double and Final Jeopardy! again use Impact, as do the words "VIDEO" and "AUDIO" in Video and Audio Daily Doubles; the "DAILY DOUBLE" name now appears in silver, while all the rest remain red.
  • The contestant intros and Final Jeopardy! winnings changed its color to slate blue strips with white borders and white, italicized, shadowed text in Compacta-D.
  • For this season and the next, the category names are switched to Haettenschweiler.
  • This Jeopardy! episode, which is aired on November 24, 2004, has a full closing credit roll; resulting in a rare instance of a large majority of the 2001-2008 theme without saxophones and electric guitars from the first B-major section onward being heard.
  • The Tournament of Champions was held in September 2004.
  • Ken Jennings' winning streak continues until November 30, 2004, when he is beaten by Nancy Zerg, who loses the next day.
  • On the December 1, 2004, episode, Ken Jennings is brought out at the beginning of the show to be recognized for his place in game show history.
  • The Ultimate Tournament of Champions is held from February 2005 to May 2005. Ken Jennings, Jerome Vered, and Brad Rutter face off in the finals.
  • Rutter wins the tournament with a $2,000,000 cash prize, making him the biggest game show money winner at the time; as of today, he is still the biggest money winner on Jeopardy!
  • On the February 23, 2005, episode, this is the first episode where a one-contestant Final Jeopardy! is shown.
  • David Madden made his first appearance on the July 5, 2005 episode.
  • Season 21 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 22, 2005. It also marks the last time that they never used electric guitars, as well as saxophones played during the closing credits.
  • Summer reruns kicks off July 25, 2005.