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Season 22 (2005-2006)[]

Season Changes[]

  • New opening sequence: a navy blue background has computer-animated floating "Q" and "A" letters, with multiple colors of orange, brown, purple, and blue squares moving across the screen, the Jeopardy! logo appeared, and swings forward to reveal the 2002-2009 set (SD version).
  • This is the last full season to have the 1998-2006 KingWorld "Star Shooter" logo, due to being replaced by the next logo; the final for the KingWorld era.
  • This is the last season to be broadcast in 480i NTSC.
  • For the "DAILY DOUBLE" and the "FINAL JEOPARDY!" names, the "DOUBLE" and "FINAL" in Double and Final Jeopardy!, the contestant intro and Final Jeopardy! winnings strips and the position strips in the credits are all changed to blue with yellow borders, and the contestant names and winnings counts are written in normal Compacta-D.
  • The "VIDEO" and "AUDIO" in Video and Audio Daily Doubles are now written in a yellow script.
  • Starting in the season premiere and continuing until the season 24 finale, the version of the 2001 theme with the saxophone and electric guitar riffs is used in the credits.
  • The background for split-screen closing credits changed to floating Q's and A's in blue, making it match the background of this season's title card.
  • Kelly Miyahara and Jon Cannon became Clue Crew members.
  • This is the first season to feature the Clue Crew lineup of five members, the most amount in history, consisted of Cheryl Farrell, Sarah Whitcomb (now known as Sarah Whitcomb Foss), Jimmy McGuire, Jon Cannon, and Kelly Miyahara.
  • Beginning with this season and continuing into the present, the set changes its background color to red when the lights go dark during the Final Jeopardy! segment.
  • This is the last season where Lisa Finneran, Rocky Schmidt and Gary Johnson are senior producers.

September 2005[]

  • Season 22 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 12, 2005.
  • David Madden's win streak ends on the September 19, 2005 episode, with 19-games total of $430,400.

October 2005[]

  • On the October 7, 2005 episode, Jason Richards finishes with a 4-day total of $99,200.
  • On the October 10-14, 2005 episodes, Back to School Week is held.

November 2005[]

  • On the November 14, 2005 episode, Maria Wenglinsky finishes with a 4-day total of $111,700.
  • The College Championship was held at North Carolina State University and aired from November 7-18, 2005.
  • On the November 28, 2005 episode, Bill MacDonald finishes with a 4-day total of $75,399.
  • By the November 28, 2005 episode, Oxford University Press again verifies materials for the show, which it continues to do to this day.

December 2005[]

  • On the December 1, 2005 episode, Vik Vaz finishes with a 3-day total of $72,002.

January 2006[]

  • On the January 6, 2006 episode, Jeopardy!'s YouTube channel launched.
  • On the January 10, 2006 episode, Tom Kavanaugh finishes with a 8-day total of $142,602.
  • By the January 16, 2006 episode, the audio quality of the show is reasonably modified, making the ticking noise in the Final Jeopardy! "Think!" music sound less audible.
  • On the January 18, 2006 episode, Kevin Marshall finishes with a 6-day total of $98,201. He is the first player to become a 5-time+ champion after defeating a 5-time+ champion, and not 6 or more returning champion again until 9-time champ Dan Pawson (370 regular games).

February 2006[]

  • The Teen Tournament airs from February 6-17, 2006.

March 2006[]

April 2006[]

  • On the April 4, 2006 episode, Alex delivers clues from Sesame Street. This episode also reran on December 22, 2020 and again on August 17, 2021 as part of the Around the World with Alex episodes paying tribute to Alex Trebek.
  • On the April 7, 2006 episode, Michael Falk finishes with a 3-day total of $59,403.
  • On the April 17, 2006 episode, Bob Mesko is brought back due to a poorly worded Daily Double that cost him his last game on January 26.
  • On the April 19, 2006 episode, Bob Mesko finishes with a 5-day total of $68,599.
  • On the April 25, 2006 episode, Doug Dorst finishes with a 3-day total of $66,802.

May 2006[]

  • The Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions was held from May 8-19, 2006. It was the last time they used a logo different from the regular Jeopardy! logo used now.
    • Unlike previous Tournament of Champions tournaments, the champions in the quarterfinal week were not in the order of how much money they have won in their initial appearances, but rather the order of their last names. This tradition would last until Season 28.
    • This is also the second Tournament of Champions, following 1994 Tournament of Champions, in which there was no 5-day champion as a finalist.
    • It is the only tournament to have two 3-day champions and one 4-day champion as three finalists.
    • It is also the only tournament to have won by a 3-day champion.
    • On the May 12, 2006 episode, the 5,000th episode aired on this date.

June 2006[]

  • On the June 16, 2006 episode, Craig Westphal finishes with a 5-day total of $114,601.

July 2006[]

  • On the July 27, 2006 episode, Celeste DiNucci finishes with a 5-day total of $83,601.
  • Season 22 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 28, 2006, which is not only the season finale, but it marks the last episode for Jeopardy! to be broadcast in 480i SDTV. And it was also the last time ever that Korinna is used on video clues and in the 30-second thinking period of Final Jeopardy!.
  • Summer reruns air from July 31-September 8, 2006, with replacement fee plugs. Reruns later air on weekends from 2006-2007 and on Game Show Network under the GSN branding between 2009 and 2012.