Season 24 (2007-2008)Edit

Season changes:

  • At the beginning of this season, CBS Television Distribution currently produced Jeopardy!, its sister show Wheel of Fortune, and other syndicated shows. The CBS Television Distribution logo first appeared on the September 27, 2007 episode. For the logo's first appearance, the 1998-2006 KingWorld audio cue is still heard; afterward, it is discarded in favor of CBS Television Distribution's own music cue, a synthesized violin fanfare.
  • This is the last season to have the 2001-2008 theme, and the 1997-2008 "Think!" cue.
  • The opening credits have changed to a bluish-black starry night background and a game board with orange lines forming the Jeopardy! logo as the camera pans around it. After that, the camera pans out as it reveals the completed Jeopardy! logo in gold. Soon after, the game board dissolves as an orange line quickly forms behind the Jeopardy! logo. In the last stretch, the Jeopardy! logo then zooms forward to reveal the 2002-2009 set.
  • The show is now currently produced by CBS Television Distribution, rather than KingWorld in the first 23 seasons.
  • The gameplay round title cards are redone to match the season's title card.
  • The "DOUBLE" and "FINAL" in Double and Final Jeopardy! are changed back to Impact; the "DOUBLE" now appears in gold, while the "FINAL" is reverted to a previous red coloration.
  • The contestant introductions and Final Jeopardy! winnings indicators are changed to cyan strips with black text in a font resembling Arial, appearing somewhat similar to the ones used in Season 20.
  • The contestant introductions background resembles a blue grid.
  • The split-screen background changes to the same blue starry background in the first full closing credit roll episode of the season, which is the season premiere, and the Sony Pictures Studios credit fades in on the center-right, then the split-screen still cuts back to the full-screen closing sequence.
  • Over three months into the season, the text on the right becomes larger and the Sony Pictures Studios credit fades out after fading in before the closing sequence zooms back in to fill the screen.
  • Bob Sofia became coordinating producer.

This season:

  • Season 24 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 10, 2007.
    • The season premiere also kicked off with a full credit roll.
  • On the November 13, 2007 episode, during the second semifinal game of the Tournament of Champions, there was a two-way tie at the end of the Final Jeopardy! round in which Christian Haines and Celeste DiNucci both wagered to cover Double Jeopardy! leader Jeff Spoeri by a dollar in Final Jeopardy!. Should he have wagered nothing? However, only Jeff gave an incorrect Final response.
  • Celeste won the Tiebreaker Round and advanced to the finals, ultimately winning the Tournament of Champions.
  • It was the first time since 2001, that the regular Jeopardy! logo each season is used for the Tournament of Champions and has been used since then.
  • The February 1, 2008 episode has one of the longest full closing credit rolls in the show's history.
  • In May, Larissa Kelly became the highest winning female contestant in the show's history, until Julia Collins wins 20 games in Season 30.
  • Season 24 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 25, 2008, which not only marks the season finale, it marks the last time that the 2001-2008 theme, and the 1997-2008 "Think!" cue is used.
  • Summer reruns begin on July 28, 2008.