Season 25 (2008-2009)Edit

Season changes:

  • Only in this season, the dollar figures are already present in the television monitors following the introductions.
  • This is the last season to use the 2002-2009 set.
  • This is the first season to use the 2008-present theme music and "Think!" cue.
  • The opening credits have changed to gold tiles zooming out from the left on a black background, and flipping over to reveal their blue tiles on the right, and a silver Jeopardy! logo pans out. Finally, the Jeopardy! logo then swings forward, in which the "J" reveals the 2002-2009 set. To mark the show's 25th anniversary, a "25th Anniversary" byline is shown under the Jeopardy! logo in a cursive script.
  • The contestant intros and Final Jeopardy! winnings indicators are changed to darker blue strips with white text in Franklin Gothic font.
  • The contestant introductions background appears similar to the one used in Season 24, but curves near the bottom.
  • Starting with this season and continuing to today, the Final Jeopardy! winnings indicators simply fade in; prior to that, various animations were used.
  • The 25th Anniversary logo appeared during the introductions.
  • The whoosh sound is not used from the introduction.
  • In this season, they did a champion update, and a segment called Ask Alex, where Alex explained to the viewers.
  • On episodes with a full closing credit roll in this season and the next two seasons, the split-screen backdrop is a blue background with a white blob floating around.
  • Starting with this season, the College Championship is no longer taped at a college campus.
  • Due to the Kids Week reunion in September 2008, Jeopardy! decided to hold a Kids Week competition this year in July and continued every year until July 2013.

This season:

  • Season 25 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 8, 2008.
  • A new version of the main theme and the "Think!" music makes its debut, arranged by Chris Bell Music and Sound Design. Originally, the main theme doesn't use an electric guitar lead until halfway through. The "Think!" cue uses prominent percussion, which gives true to its nickname "leaky faucet".
  • During the second week, there is a Kids Week reunion featuring former contestants from Kids Week 1999 and 2000.
  • On October 6, 2008, the Jeopardy! theme is rerecorded to include an electric guitar lead throughout the entire piece. It alternates with the original version until this version replaces the original for good, however, the original version of the new theme still plays during the closing credits to this day.
  • On the October 13, 2008, episode, The "Think" cue is remixed with the "leaky faucet" percussion dialed out and a more prominent piano lead. This and the leaky faucet version alternate with each other until the leaky faucet version gets dropped for good.
  • Priscilla Ball was a Jeopardy! champion on the January 16, 2009 episode. She was due to return as champion on the next show that aired on the January 19, 2009 episode, but felt ill, so that game began with three new contestants, last time they had three new challengers on Jeopardy! on the June 20, 2003, episode, and Alex Trebek announced that she would return as a co-champion at a later date. Priscilla eventually did come back on the April 9, 2009 episode, and made her second appearance.
  • Celebrity Jeopardy! and the Tournament of Champions are taped at the Consumer Electronics Show and aired March 10, 2009, to March 24, 2009.
  • A brand new set is rolled out, featuring Sony's latest technology. The game board now consists of 36 HDTV LCD television monitors. The contestant podiums consisted of LCD television monitors on their sides, and the scores on the contestant lecterns are changed to a different font. And there is a giant monitor between Alex Trebek and the contestants that reveals the Jeopardy! logo, as well as the logo of a particular tournament during most of the game.
  • Additionally, the scores are always on a blue background; while positive scores continue to be white text on a blue background, negative scores are now red text.
  • The Final Jeopardy! category is now displayed on the giant monitor between Alex Trebek and the contestants, although both the category and clue continue to be revealed on the board.
  • During the quarterfinals week of the Tournament of Champions at the Consumer Electronics Show, instead of Johnny Gilbert saying, "Here are three former champions." He said, "Here are today's contestants."
  • Season 25 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 24, 2009, which also marks the last appearance of the 2002-2009 set.
  • Summer reruns kicks off on July 27, 2009.