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Season 27 (2010-2011)[]

Season changes:

  • The opening credits have changed to multicolored glass panels stacking on top of one another, which forms the Jeopardy! logo. As the Jeopardy! logo is completed, blue glass panels above and below the Jeopardy! logo move in from the right and left simultaneously. Then the show's logo zooms forward, in which the "A" reveals the 2009-2013 set.
  • This is the last season where Alex stands in front of the game board when the Final Jeopardy! category is revealed on the monitor. Starting in the next season, Alex sat at his podium, when the Final Jeopardy! category is revealed on the monitor.
  • The Teachers Tournament made its debut this season.
  • This is the last season for Lisa Finneran and Gary Johnson.
  • The color scheme in photography clues and Daily Double clues changed to light blue with tinted horizontal streaked lines.

This season:

  • Season 27 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 13, 2010.
  • Roger Craig makes his Jeopardy! debut on the season premiere, and goes on to become a six-time champion.
    • On his second appearance, aired September 14, 2010, he sets a new one-day record of $77,000, surpassing Ken Jennings' previous record of $75,000.
  • On the October 15, 2010 episode, the 6,000th episode aired on this date.
  • The real 6,000th episode aired on January 14, 2011.
  • On the February 14-16, 2011 episodes, the IBM Challenge is held in upstate New York and is a three-day match between the Watson supercomputer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter.
  • On the March 16, 2011 episode, this is the fourth episode where only one contestant (Tom Kunzen) played Final Jeopardy!.
  • On the May 2-13, 2011 episodes, the Teachers Tournament was held for the first time.
    • During the quarter-finals week of the opening introduction of the Teachers Tournament, Johnny introduces the teacher contestants by announcing a brief description followed by their location and name, which would remain in use until Season 30.
    • The opening title sequence closely resembles that of Kids Week, which would remain in use until Season 29.
    • Charles Temple becomes the first winner of the tournament.
  • Season 27 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 29, 2011.
  • Summer reruns air from August 1-September 16, 2011 with replacement fee plugs in those reruns. Reruns later air on weekends from 2011-2012.