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Season 29 (2012-2013)[]

Season changes:

  • At the start of this season, VITAC acquired its closed captioning sponsorship for Jeopardy!, and its sister show, Wheel of Fortune.
  • This is the last season to use the 2009-2013 set.
  • The opening credits have changed to a circle zooming out and showing the categories, and the dollar figures from the Jeopardy! and Double Jeopardy! round segments forming the Jeopardy! logo on a blue background with burgundy to a violet wall, and black floor on it. And then, it wipes away to reveal the 2009-2013 set.
  • This is the last season, in which the sliding doors behind Alex's podium were used on the Jeopardy! set. Starting in Season 30, the sliding doors are out, and the ramp behind the game board is in.

This season:

  • Season 29 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 17, 2012.
  • At the beginning of the season, Alex Trebek announces special online contestant tests for viewers in Cleveland and Cincinnati markets.
  • From October 8–17, 2012, Stephanie Jass became a 7-day champion, beating Larissa Kelly from Season 24 in terms of longest winning streak on Jeopardy! by a female player in non-tournament play.
  • The 2012-B Teachers Tournament aired November 7–20, 2012
    • Colby Burnett wins the tournament, taking home the $100,000 grand prize.
  • The Teen Tournament is held January 30–February 12, 2013.
    • In the first semifinal game, aired February 6, 2013, the Jeopardy! round categories reference Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe", which was a very popular hit at the time.
    • During the second semifinal match, aired February 7, 2013, all three contestants have zero dollars at the end of the game; the third known instance of this happening, and the first instance of it happening in a tournament semi-final game.
      • As a result of this match, eventual champion Leonard Cooper makes it to the finals as a wild card.
  • The Tournament of Champions was held right after the Teen Tournament, aired February 13–26, 2013.
    • 2012-B Teachers Tournament winner Colby Burnett also wins the Tournament of Champions, becoming the first Jeopardy! contestant to accomplish this feat.
  • From July 1–11, 2013, Ben Ingram becomes an 8-time champion.
  • On the July 31, 2013-episode, Skyler Hornback sets the all-time Kids Week record of $66,600. At the time, this was also the third-highest one-day record behind Ken Jennings and Roger Craig.
  • Just like what they did in Season 26, there are no roadshows to tape. All 230 half-hour episodes are taped in Culver City.
  • Season 29 of Jeopardy! wraps up on August 2, 2013, which also marks the last appearance of the 2009-2013 set.
  • Summer reruns, with replacement fee plugs, air from August 5, 2013, until the Friday before the next season premieres. Reruns later air on weekends from 2013-2014.