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Season 31 (2014-2015)[]

Season Changes[]

  • For the 1st time this year, the College Championship has been canceled due to the cancellation of the online test.
  • The same thing went for the Teen Tournament.
  • New opening sequence: a tower with all the dollar figures fade into photographs on a blue to pink sky background, with the Jeopardy! logo on top of the tower. Finally, the Jeopardy! logo zooms forward, revealing the 2013-present set.
  • Aimee Seligstein, who played against Julia Collins last season, joined the Jeopardy! staff as a contestant coordinator sometime before the 2014 Tournament of Champions.
    • Around this time, long-time contestant coordinator Robert James took a leave of absence from the show.
  • The closed captioning sponsors includes not one, but two promos, before the Double Jeopardy! round.
  • On early episodes of this season, the co-champion rule was still in place and ties were still allowed in regular-play.
  • On the November 24, 2014 episode, after the 2014 Tournament of Champions, in the case of either a two-way tie or a three-way tie after Final Jeopardy!, tiebreakers are now applied into regular play, which occurred after ties resulted in co-champions four times in the first two months.
  • This is both the last season with the co-champion rule in place and the first season with the tiebreaker rule in place.
  • On episodes with a full closing credit roll, the split-screen backdrop is a blue and orange gradient space backdrop.
  • Starting this season, the Sony logo appears on a black background, then a light flashes to reveal an edited version of the Sony Pictures Television logo. This also occurs with the sister show Wheel of Fortune. This would continue until the end of Season 36.
  • This is the third consecutive season where there are no roadshows to tape. All 230 half-hour episodes are taped in Culver City.
  • Like Season 29, this is the season that produced the champion with the most wins in a row at least five consecutive wins (10 people).

September 2014[]

  • Season 31 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 15, 2014.
  • On the September 15, 2014 episode, Alex grows his mustache back.
  • On the September 29, 2014 episode, Catherine Hardee finishes with a 4-day total of $95,201. In addition, the game featured the rematch played between co-champions. However, both co-champions were both defeated by Elisa Korb when she wins the game. It is also the best record among all-time co-champions.

October 2014[]

  • On the October 13, 2014 episode, Alex shaves his mustache again. In addition, the game ended in a tie which resulted in co-champions (Shane Curtis and Dan Tran).
  • On the October 30, 2014 episode, a game ended in a tie that resulted in co-champions for the last time, where Ryan Alley and Allison Solomon became the last set of co-champions. The other three instances were September 26, 2014 (Catherine Hardee and Alan Lange), October 13, 2014 (Shane Curtis and Dan Tran), and October 28, 2014 (Bill Albertini and Jenica Jessen).
    • The rematch was played between the tied contestants the following day for the last time, with Ryan Alley and Allison Solomon as last set of returning co-champions, where Tyler Johnson challenged them both as the last lone challenger. The other three instances were September 29, 2014 (the episode where co-champions Catherine Hardee and Alan Lange were both defeated by lone challenger Elisa Korb), October 14, 2014 (Shane Curtis and Dan Tran with Candice Torres), and October 29, 2014 (the episode where lone challenger Ryan Alley defeated co-champions Bill Albertini and Jenica Jessen).

November 2014[]

  • The Tournament of Champions is held November 10–21, 2014.
    • Ben Ingram had beaten Larissa Kelly in terms of the longest streak (from first appearance) of correct Final Jeopardy! responses, with 12.
    • Julia Collins, Arthur Chu, and Ben Ingram make it to the finals. Ingram wins the tournament and the $250,000 grand prize.
  • On the November 24, 2014 episode, after the 2014 Tournament of Champions, the Tiebreaker Round was introduced to regular-play, replacing the co-champion rule after ties were no longer allowed. In the first two months of this season alone, there were four ties.

December 2014[]

  • From December 1-5, 2014, Kids Week is held for the last time.
    • This event was dropped altogether after Season 31 because Gabby's mother was upset with Alex Trebek when telling her she was in the red before Final Jeopardy!, causing Gabby herself to come running backstage to her mother in tears.

January 2015[]

  • On the January 2, 2015 episode, Vaughan Winchell finishes with a 5-day total of $103,103. He is first 5-time champion with tiebreaker rule in place. Since Julia Collins, he is a 5-time champion after 97 episodes aired.
  • On the January 8, 2015 episode, Elliot Yates finishes with a 4-day total of $65,000.
  • On the January 15, 2015 episode, John Schultz finishes with a 5-day total of $104,500. It is also the second time in history that three consecutive ToC players have won the right to compete.

February 2015[]

  • The Teachers Tournament airs from February 2-13, 2015.
    • In this season's Teachers Tournament, during the quarter-finals week, Johnny introduced the contestants by their occupation, location, and name instead of announcing a brief description, location, and name.
    • On the February 6, 2015 episode, the 7,000th episode aired on this date.

March 2015[]

  • On the March 12, 2015 episode, Kristin Sausville is the only contestant to play Final Jeopardy!, the fifth occurrence of a solo Final Jeopardy! in the syndicated history of the game show.
  • On the March 18, 2015 episode, Kristin Sausville finishes with a 5-day total of $94,201. She is the wife of Season 27/28 6-time champion Justin Sausville, and the first female 5-time champion with tiebreaker rule in place.

April 2015[]

  • On the April 1, 2015 episode, Michael Bilow finishes with a 3-day total of $96,000.
  • On the April 9, 2015 episode, Kerry Greene finishes with a 6-day total of $146,598. The first 6-time+ champ since April 28, 2014 (156 games).
  • From April 10-20, 2015, Alex Jacob becomes a six-time champion, accumulating $149,802.

May 2015[]

  • On the May 4, 2015 episode, Greg Seroka finishes with a 7-day total of $180,401.
  • On the May 8, 2015 episode, the real 7,000th episode aired.
  • From May 11-15, 2015, Celebrity Jeopardy! is held for the first time in five years and so far the last season that this event was held in the syndicated version.
    • Vince Gilligan, Debra Messing and Neil Flynn compete on Monday.
    • Aaron Rodgers, Kevin O'Leary and Mark Kelly compete on Tuesday.
    • Mo Rocca, Wendi McLendon-Covey and John Berman compete on Wednesday.
    • Bellamy Young, Josh Gad and Ginger Zee compete on Thursday.
    • Zachary Quinto, Cynthia Rowley and Penn Jillette compete on Friday.
  • On the May 21, 2015 episode, Andrew Haringer finishes with a 5-day total of $96,599. He is the only player to win four consecutive games when trailing entering Final Jeopardy.

June 2015[]

  • On the June 2, 2015 episode, Dan Feitel finishes with a 5-day total of $127,998.
  • On the June 22, 2015 episode, Brendan Bushee finishes with a 5-day total of $126,404.

July 2015[]

  • On the July 27, 2015 episode, Scott Lord finishes with a 5-day total of $108,002.
  • From July 27-31, 2015, some of Alex's audio was re-recorded when his voice recovered.
  • Season 31 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 31, 2015.
  • Summer reruns air from August 3, 2015, until the Friday before the next season premieres, with replacement fee plugs. Reruns later air on weekends from 2015-2016.