Season 6 (1989-1990)Edit

Season changes:

  • The category cards have a more rectangular shaped look, as opposed to previous seasons.
  • This is the last season to have the KingWorld "Stars and Stripes" logo.
  • Alex Trebek started wearing glasses in this season.
  • Stock footage from the March 16, 1990 episode was featured in the 1992 film Breaking the Rules.
  • The short-lived Super Jeopardy! debuted in the summer of 1990, and the Jeopardy! set consisted of four contestant podiums, instead of three. The short-lived Super Jeopardy! ended that same year in 1990.

This season:

  • Season 6 of Jeopardy! kicks off on September 4, 1989.
  • On the September 12, 1989, episode, Bob Blake sets a new five-day winnings record of $82,501.
  • In the November 1989 episode, Tom Cubbage was the only college winner to win the Tournament Of Champions.
  • On the January 15, 1990 episode, Frank Spangenberg sets a new one-day record of $30,600 and a new 5-day winnings record of $102,597.
  • For some reason, on the May 5, 1990, episode, the contestants are seen standing next to their contestant podiums. However, they couldn't do that until Season 17.
  • Season 6 of Jeopardy! wraps up on July 20, 1990.
  • Summer reruns kicks off on July 23, 1990.