KingWorld was Jeopardy's distributor from 1984-2007. KWP Studios CopyRight Last King World Productions TV Show Like Rachael Ray on 1984 to 2007 in 1983 Like 1964 on 1983 to 2007


on 1983-2007 as Jeopardy Pilot or Syndicated Verison Wheel of Fortune September 5 or 19 1983 Present Before CBS Television Distribution as Merv Griffin or Online Califon Productions with 3 Times Thing


KingWorld's shows include Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, Inside Edition and more until CBS Television Distribution took over since 2007. on GSN NBC CBS ABC or Other Show on Jeopardy Season 1 to Season 24 and Wheel of Fortune Season 1 to Season 25 on 1983 to 2007 in 1984 Wheel of Fortune 1994-1999 Rachael Ray 2006 Present on 1980s-2000s Like 1960s Distributed By or Produced & Distributed By in 1999-2007