Super Jeopardy! was a 13 week event that aired every Saturday evening on ABC (alongside Merv Griffin's adaptation of the board game Monopoly) starting on June 16 until September 8 in 1990. A total of 36 contestants took part. The quarter-final matches had 4 contestants instead of 3. However, the winner of the quarter final match advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals and the 1 day final match had 3 players. This has been, so far, the last version of Jeopardy to be run on a broadcast network (Jep! being made for GSN, Rock and Roll Jeopardy! for VH1, and Sports Jeopardy! having initially been on the Sony-owned streaming service Crackle, before moving to NBCSN).


The Jeopardy! round and Double Jeopardy! rounds were played for points instead of cash. The Jeopardy! round was worth 200 to 1000 points in increments of 200 points. The Double Jeopardy! round was worth 500 to 2500 in increments of 500 points. Just like the regular shows, there was one daily double in the 1st round and two in the 2nd round.


  • Finals result:
    • Super Champion: $250,000
    • First runner-up: $50,000
    • Second runner-up: $25,000
  • Eliminated before the final game
    • Semifinalist: six of $10,000
    • Quarterfinalist: 27 of $5,000


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